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    Denied UppedKestrel0's Staff Application.

    Denied. Please add more information into future applications, so we can judge to a further extent whether or not you are a good candidate for the staff team.
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    Denied Techneblade's staff appeal

    Denied, all future apps are not considered.
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    Denied Techneblades Staff apllication

    Copied. Denied and all future applications will be too.
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    Resigned Willpk03's Staff Application

    Hey Will! Please contact me over Discord so we can schedule an interview. Pending Fun Fact: We share the same birthday ;)
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    Resigned BallisticBoi's Staff Application

    Hey Ballistic. The wait is finally over! Please contact me on discord for an interview. Pending
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    Denied TheDirkPvp’s | Staff Application - [EU]

    Hey Dirk.... To begin with, I remember you joining yesterday, asking me "if I was ready to do your staff interview", yet you have never applied for staff, and this was your first time joining the server. I told you that in order to apply for the staff team you had to play for 2 weeks minimum...
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    Denied HamBoneX's Staff Application

    Hey, your application has been denied due to not meeting several of our requirements. The minimum age for joining our staff team is 14, and you wrote no where near enough detail. Please wait until the 1st of March/whenever your 14, if you wish to reapply.
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    Denied IDeansie Staff Application

    Hey iDeansie, first off, thank you for applying to VulcanMC's staff team. After taking a long time to carefully consider your application, I have finally come to the conclusion it will be denied due to grammatical errors and problems within your actual application. What went wrong and how to...
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    Denied Staff Application

    Hey unclickable. After reviewing your application, I have come to the conclusion it will be denied due to lack of detail. What went wrong and how to improve. The biggest weakness in your application was the severe lack of detail you failed to include in all answers. I cannot even contemplate...
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    Accepted xSAMxâÂÂs Staff Application

    Hey Sam! I really liked your application to VulcanMC's staff team, and have decided to accept it. I have contacted you over discord regarding a walkthrough process call that we need to go through. Please respond so we can arrange a time. Thanks!
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    Denied Skydiving's Staff Application (SEASON 1)

    Hey Skydiving. After reviewing your application, I have had to deny it as you have not met one of our requirements. On Vulcan we strictly enforce the rule to all staff that they should not have commitments to other networks staff related, and after doing some research I have found you do...
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    Denied DukeOfInsanity's Staff Application

    Hey Duke. To begin with, I want to state that I really liked your app. However, due to your history on TSMC, we have reason to not trust you as staff on VulcanMC. Therefore, it gives me with little choice but to deny your application. Unfortunately we will not be able to consider any future...
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    Denied Darksouls457683's Staff Application

    Hello, thank you for applying to VulcanMC's staff team. Unfortunately after reviewing your application I have decided it will be denied. What went wrong and how to improve. Your whole application seemed to lack detail, especially in Q11 and 12, which are the main questions you are expected to...
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    Denied iJackpot's Staff Application

    Hey Jack. After reviewing your application and ingame activity, I have come to the decision it will be denied. What went wrong and how you can improve. One of the main reasons behind your denial is that I do not feel you are ready for staff on a maturity level I'm afraid. As Thingz stated...
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    Denied Staff Application

    Hey, Unfortunately your application has been denied. I am aware you are 13 years of age, which is below our requirement. You lied in this application claiming you were 14. Your application has been denied and we will not contemplate any future applications because of it.