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NEW! Upcoming Summer Plans
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The current Skyblock season is approaching the end and season 4 will begin soon. With that being said, we thought it was only fit to include a few other things, as it is currently summer. With that being said, I am pleased to inform you of the following information. We've conducted numerous polls within the community, as we want to make sure that everyone enjoys this summer update.

13TH @ 2:00 PM, EST

Read on to find out more information about Skyblock season 4.

We've decided to change some things for Season 4. Season 4 is hopefully going to be our most successful Skyblock ever on VulcanMC. We've decided to switch back to 1.8, as we noticed a major decrease in our player-base when we switched to 1.12.2! Each Skyblock season is a new start, hence the numerical increases that follow with each season. Below we've outlined what players will keep.

Important VulcanMC's Summer Update
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It's been quite some time since our last update! As some of you may know, a lot has recently changed on VulcanMC. We're currently working on a major update for the summer of 2019. I've been working closely with WillzaTeam and the rest of the management team, as I'd like to get everything released as soon as possible.

Skyblock Season 4
VulcanMC has been working extremely hard in order to release a new season of Skyblock. We've recently created our own Skyblock core, which will be much nicer than the previous one! Along with this new core, we are going to have a brand new Skyblock lobby, brand new custom quests, weekly updates/features, and much more. In our...
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What's up Space Cadets,

On the 3rd of March we conducted a poll asking the community if you'd prefer to continue with season 2, or start fresh with season 3. The winning vote was season 3, with 126 votes. Season 2 came in with just 26 votes. The reason we decided to do this poll was because of the amount of issues that were completely out of our hand (we couldn't fix) with our main Skyblock plugin.

Season 3 has been built on the regular Skyblock plugin (the one that we used for season 1 as well), so we are 100,000% certain that it'll work this time. With the launch of season 3, we decided to work on two factors. Fixing all of the broken things from season 2 and solely focusing on a 1.12.2 Skyblock server! We want to give players the ability to use all of the newer blocks and functions of Minecraft. You are now able to use blocks like concrete, concrete powder, terracotta and of course, the beloved parrot!