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  1. ConstructorLeo

    [02/24/2019] Weekly Update #8 - MONEY BOOSTERS AND FIXES

    What's up everyone, The weekly updates commence once again! This week we've added money boosters, ore gens are now back and fixed many bugs here and there. You can purchase a 2x or 3x money booster off of the store or in the Mob Coins cosmetics & perks shop (/mobcoins). Click here to head to...
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    Quality Assurance Team now taking applications

    Hey everyone, Today we are forming our Quality Assurance (QA) team, with this comes an application for anyone who is interested to join the team. QA will serve as our testing, ideas and bug tracking team, with early access to new features, systems and servers! However, it won't be that easy to...
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    [11/02/19] Announcing Skyblock Season 2

    What's up everyone, We hope you are enjoying the February Fun Hour events, where each weekend during February we'll have a YouTuber streaming on Vulcan! Last week we had Skeppy streaming, this weekend we had Cyclone streaming and next weekend we'll be releasing season 2 of Skyblock AND having a...
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    Squad shut down unfortunately. But we have VulcanMC now. :D

    Squad shut down unfortunately. But we have VulcanMC now. :D
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    [1/28/19] Weekly Update #7 - THE LUCKYBLOCKS UPDATE + NEW BOSS

    What's up everyone, This week we've added Luckyblocks, a new Mob Boss and 2 new Minions! After the popularity of the mob bosses we added last week, we decided to add another one - the Iron Monster! And as with every update, we've focused on one main feature this week which are luckyblocks! We...
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    [1/21/19] Weekly Update #6 - THE MOB BOSSES UPDATE

    You can purchase them off of the store.
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    [1/21/19] Weekly Update #6 - THE MOB BOSSES UPDATE

    What's up everyone, This week we introduce to you Mob Bosses and a new parkour course in the Hub - Snake Parkour! We've added 2 bosses, that each come with 8 rewards when killed. The Snake Parkour is available on both Hubs, you can challenge yourself to it by walking forward and going through...
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    [1/14/19] Weekly Update #5 - THE QUESTS UPDATE

    Thanks! Prison will come sometime in the future, don't you worry. We added quests as an alternate system to challenges. We have plans for the far future to change challenges up quite a bit and resort to quests doing the work of challenges. We also plan to add quests to every server, however...
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    [1/14/19] Weekly Update #5 - THE QUESTS UPDATE

    What's up everyone, Before we get into this post, it's time to announce the results of the latest poll! Last weekend, we asked the community which server they'd prefer to see next: Prison or KitPvP. ... and the results are: KitPvP has won with 96 to 56 votes! Our next gamemode on VulcanMC...
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    [09/01/19] Introducing our new Hub

    What's up everyone, Today we present to you: the Hub update! This update is completely separate to our Weekly Updates, so we hope you enjoy this pretty big bonus update. This update includes, a new Hub, new cosmetics, new selectors, new profile menu and many other minor additions and changes...
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    [7/01/19] Weekly Update #4 - THE DUELS UPDATE

    What's up everyone, Welcome to our first Weekly Update... of 2019! In this weeks update, we present to you... Duels! A very much requested feature as of release, so we are very happy to bring one of our most requested features to life, and we hope you are too! Before reading the rest of this...
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    [29/12/18] Weekly Update #3 - THE QUALITY OF LIFE UPDATE

    What's up everyone, It's that time again! This weeks weekly update is now out and for this update we have focused on adding a bunch of useful features to make your life easier while playing on VulcanMC. We hope you enjoy this update, to find out exactly what we've added, read on below. |...
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    [23/12/18] Weekly Update #2 - TRADING, WITHDRAW MONEY & EXP & MORE

    Welcome back to our second weekly update! In this weeks update, we bring to you the trading system, the ability to withdraw your money and exp, a bunch of additions and bug fixes and more! Last week and this week follow a similar pattern of adding new features. However, next weeks update will...
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    [16/12/18] Weekly Update #1 - SKYBLOCK WORLDEDIT, VOTE PARTIES & MORE

    What's up everyone, Welcome back to another update! We hope you are all enjoying the Christmas update. It's now time to enjoy this weeks Weekly Update! We have some major and minor additions, some bug fixes and more. Read on to find out exactly what's in store for this update! Before we get...
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    Christmas has arrived to VulcanMC!

    What's up everyone, Vulcan's first major update has just hit! We've got heaps of cool new features, such as a snowball fight game in the Hub, Christmas music playing in the Hub, the Advent Calendar and the Christmas crate, kit, bundle & tags on the Skyblock server! You can purchase your very...
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    Pending Is Top Prize

    Hey, I'll discuss this to the rest of the team. Thanks for the suggestion. Will keep the thread open for the time being to let other players give input.
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    Format Network Bug Reports Format

    Please create threads that are related to the development of the Network. These threads must be related to bugs. Please be patient as we prioritize some issues over others. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue/Bug Format -...
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    Denied Changing Names

    Hey, Unfortunately, we are going to deny this suggestion. If you'd like your forums name to be changed, please message a Manager and they'll get back to you as soon as possible. However, like USHistory said above. We do have plans for adding a 'forum to server account link' system for the...
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    Are you sure about that?!?!?!!

    Are you sure about that?!?!?!!