[09/01/19] Introducing our new Hub

What's up everyone,

Today we present to you: the Hub update! This update is completely separate to our Weekly Updates, so we hope you enjoy this pretty big bonus update. This update includes, a new Hub, new cosmetics, new selectors, new profile menu and many other minor additions and changes. We felt that our Hub was quite small and wanted something a little larger which will allow us to add treasure hunts, Hub games and all sorts of other things to discover in the new Hub.

Continue reading to find out more about this update.

| The new Hub
Over the last couple of weeks, our new Hub spawn has been in the works. This spawn is much larger than the previous one, with more areas to explore, secrets to uncover and areas for future Hub games!

Below, you can see what our new Hub looks like! We won't spoil to much of it as we'd like you to see it for yourself.

Check out the Hub @ play.vulcanmc.net
As we have mentioned a couple times, there's plenty to explore in this new Hub! As soon as you log in, turn around!

If you are looking for a bit of a challenge, our Hub Parkour course is perfect for that. Simply type /parkour. We plan on adding more parkour courses around the Hub in the future.

| Introducing Cosmetics
Cosmetics have been labeled as "coming soon" in the Hub ever since release, and now it's time to remove that "coming soon". Cosmetics add fun little games, things to make your character look awesome and even pets! Each donator rank will get a certain amount of cosmetics:

  • Pluto 12 cosmetics
  • Mercury 22 cosmetics
  • Mars 32 cosmetics
  • Venus 42 cosmetics
  • Neptune 52 cosmetics
  • Saturn 64 cosmetics


We will be adding more and more cosmetics to each rank over the future. Our plans for cosmetics haven't ended, we have many in mind that we won't talk about just yet!

Cosmetics consists of 11 categories. These categories being, Hats (196 cosmetics), Animated Hats (8 cosmetics), Particles (21 cosmetics), Suits (60 cosmetics), Gadgets (43 cosmetics), Pets (114 cosmetics), Miniatures (22 cosmetics), Banners (19 cosmetics), Emotes (17 cosmetics), Cloaks (10 cosmetics) and Morphs (14 cosmetics).
This means, there are a total of 524 cosmetics. Not all of these are unlocked with a donator rank, however, in the future donator ranks will get more and more cosmetics!

Tweet us what sort of cosmetics you like to use and wear @ twitter.com/VulcanNetworkMC!

| Hub Selector & Profile Menu
We've added a Hub selector, which will allow you to travel between Hub-1 and Hub-2 easily and we've added the Profile menu.

The Hub selector has been added so you can easily travel between Hub-1 and Hub-2. The Hub-2 server is new as part of this update, this server is a clone of Hub-1 (but it says Hub-2 everywhere instead). We added a new Hub as we'll be expecting quite a few new faces on the network this year and we want to spread out the players who join between two Hubs.

The new Profile menu will be allow you to view your stats, achievements (coming soon) and your level (coming soon). Yes, we are going to be adding global achievements and global levels!!! However, we won't give you any information regarding this just yet ☹️, we want to keep it a secret OK... Hover over the middle item (your head) in the menu to view some cool stats about yourself. Let us know if you have any other stats you'd like to see in the profile!

That's not all! We have changed and added a bunch of things. We've listed the more important/cooler changes and additions.

  • Server NPC holograms have a new format
  • Added the Teleport Bow
  • Added a /twitter command to Hub
  • Added a /discord command to Hub
  • Added a /website command to Hub
  • Pat's Particles and Mary's Miniatures have mysteriously arrived. I wonder what they'll do?!?
  • Updated the scoreboard to the new format
  • Added a "coming soon" part in the scoreboard
  • Added the Event server to the Server Selector
  • Changed up the items to nice player heads in the Server Selector

And that's it for the Hub update! We hope you enjoy the new Hub and explore it. Thanks,
- VulcanMC Team
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Wowww! It looks absolutely amazing, can't wait to go find all the secrets!
Amazing work from the developers and builders involved in this project.

Can't wait for what's next!!
What a feature-packed update! A big "Thank You!" to the development team and everyone who worked on this, as we wouldn't have this amazing update without them. ;)