[16/12/18] Weekly Update #1 - SKYBLOCK WORLDEDIT, VOTE PARTIES & MORE


What's up everyone,

Welcome back to another update! We hope you are all enjoying the Christmas update. It's now time to enjoy this weeks Weekly Update! We have some major and minor additions, some bug fixes and more. Read on to find out exactly what's in store for this update!

Before we get into this weeks update, we'd like to announce:


Read on to find out more about this update!

| Skyblock WorldEdit
Skyblock WorldEdit has been a heavily requested feature by the community. So here it is! Skyblock WorldEdit is now availabe for Saturn rank (purchase @ store.vulcanmc.net).

How does Skyblock WorldEdit work, you may be asking? It's quite simple:
  • Grab a wooden axe, left-click one corner with the axe, right-click another corner with the axe. This sets your region.
  • Type /set <block> to turn the region into the specified block.
  • Replace a set of blocks with a new set of blocks with /replace <current-block> <new-block>.
  • Typing /square <radius> <block> will create a square under you.
  • To undo any of the above actions, simply type /undo.
There is a maximum of 2,500 blocks that you can set in one go. For every block that is changed, you will be charged $8, however, using /angelblock will charge you $10,000. When using /undo, you will be given back 50% of the amount paid to set the block.

| Vote Party
A vote party will activate once the server has reached 150 votes. The rewards that are given are as follows:

  • $10,000 in game money
  • 32x Diamond Blocks
  • 16x Emerald Blocks
  • 1x Vote Key
You can view the Vote Party counter on the scoreboard. To enter the vote party, simply type /vote and vote for all 4 of voting sites!

| Mob & Player Head Drops
Mob and Player heads now have a chance to drop from any kill! Any mob and animals head will have a 5% chance to drop, player heads have a 50% chance to drop.

| Money Crate
The money crate has replaced money on the store. This new crate is purchasable on the store under the Money category. The crate has 18 possible rewards of money, you can get inbetween $50,000 to $2,000,000 in game money from the crate.

Purchase a Money Crate off of the store.

| Block Stacking
Earlier this week, we held a poll on our Discord that asked if you'd like blocks to stack up on each other or keep it how it is. The vote was 125 for block stacking to 9 for no block stacking! This weeks Weekly Update, we have added block stacking!

Block stacking will only work on Emerald, Diamond, Gold, Iron, Redstone and Coal blocks and ores! To stack these blocks, simply place a block in your inventory onto the placed block - exactly how you would stack spawners.

This new feature will leave more room for you to create some crazy and awesome looking builds! Send us some images of your huge builds to our Twitter @VulcanNetworkMC!

| Bug Fixes & Additions
Throughout the week we've been fixing little bugs here and there and putting in small QoL changes. We've listed all of these below:

Bug Fixes
  • /is top now displays correctly.
  • Donator ore gens now give different ores.
  • Fixed a few store package description errors.
  • You can now /is lock your island.
  • Christmas Advent calendar spelling mistakes fixed.
  • Christmas Advent calendar rewards moved 1 day forward.
  • Fixed some of the Christmas Radio's incorrect song names.
  • /updates command now works.
  • Mob stacking fixes.
  • Players who are disguised and go into PvP will now be undisguised.
  • In game announcements have been added.
  • Tutorial at spawn has been added. /warp tutorial.
  • Added the Tutorial warp to the /warp menu.
  • Parkour in the Hub has been added.
  • You can now view what mobs give you Mob Coins in the /mobcoins shop.
  • New updated scoreboard design!

That's it for this weeks weekly update! We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you, see you next week!
- VulcanMC Team
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Woohoo! I’m so hyped for the money crate and for the new block-stacking ability!! Thank you to everyone who worked on this!!
This is an amazing amount of stuff for our first weekly update! Thank you Leo, Willza, and Malatdu for working hard all week to get all these updates and fixes pushed out! <3
This new update introduced a bunch of awesome game-changing features and additions. A big "Thank you!" to everyone that worked on this!