[23/12/18] Weekly Update #2 - TRADING, WITHDRAW MONEY & EXP & MORE


Welcome back to our second weekly update!

In this weeks update, we bring to you the trading system, the ability to withdraw your money and exp, a bunch of additions and bug fixes and more! Last week and this week follow a similar pattern of adding new features. However, next weeks update will be a large QoL (Quality of Life) update that will bring a bunch of small, but very useful features, fixes and more to the network!

Read on to find out more about this weeks update.

| Trading System
You are now able to safely trade your items, money or exp without the fear of possibly being scammed... (although, let our staff team know if this does happen - it is against the rules!)

Beginning a trade is very simple. All you need to do is type /trade <player>. So, let's say I want to trade with Bob. I'd simply type /trade Bob and wait for him to accept the trade. You can also SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK the user to quick trade them! Keep in mind you must be 10 blocks within the player you want to trade!

Our trading system allows you to trade with items, money and exp points. To trade items, just drag whatever items you want to trade into the "YOU" section. To trade money, right-click the gold ingot inside of the trade menu. Right-clicking this gold ingot will add $10 to your trade, continue right-clicking to add an extra $10. You can left-click the gold nugget to remove $10 from the trade. Trading EXP points is the exact same of money, instead, you right-click the EXP bottle to add 5 points to trade and left-click the EXP bottle to remove 5 points from trade. Quite straight forward, right?

| Money & EXP Withdraw
Withdraw your money or experience points from yourself and turn them into a bank note or exp bottle! How does one do such magics??!?!!!111/!/ Typing /withdraw <amount> will withdraw the specified amount of money from your account, turning it into a valuable piece of paper. Typing /xpbottle <amount> will withdraw the specified amount of experience points from your EXP bar, turning it into a valuable EXP bottle.

Remember, you can only withdraw a maximum of
$5,000,000 and 10,000 EXP!

| Network Upgrades
Earlier on in the week, we went under maintenance mode for quite some time. During this time, we were upgrading the network, essentially giving it
spanking new specifications. Due to this, we'll now be able to expand the network out further in player base and servers. In the near future, we'll be hosting polls regarding what server you'd like to next see on the network!

As mentioned above, one of the benefits of upgrading the network is we are now able to hold more players. We are starting off by getting ItsMeCyclone to record videos on the network. If you see him around, make sure to say hello!

| Bug Fixes & Additions
We've fixed and added a bunch of small things. Below you can see a list of almost everything small we've fixed and added.

Bug Fixes

  • Pickaxes have been fixed in crates
  • Iron Golem spawners have been fixed in crates
  • Fixed being able to use furnaces, levers and buttons on none cooped islands
  • Blocked /fix all when in combat
  • Fixed staff list displaying certain members as all staff ranks
  • Money Crate's GUI name now displays as "Money Crate" instead of "Centauri Crate"
  • When a horse head drops from a horse, it isn't as... derpy looking?
  • Fixed the Advent Calendar's time and date being weird
  • Added /staff list
  • Only the island leader can coop other islands
  • You can no longer repeat challenges
  • The cooldown for gapple use is now 30 seconds
  • Added /is ban!

And that's it for our second weekly update! Come and checkout the new features @ play.vulcanmc.net! Thanks,
- VulcanMC Team


I always wonder how the team does such an amazing job in a week, we don’t have to wait a month but a week!
Great job Leo! But what about /withdraw all or /xpbottle all? (I don't think that works, and /xpbottle all is a very useful command for us who can't keep our xp when we die)