[29/12/18] Weekly Update #3 - THE QUALITY OF LIFE UPDATE

What's up everyone,

It's that time again! This weeks weekly update is now out and for this update we have focused on adding a bunch of useful features to make your life easier while playing on VulcanMC. We hope you enjoy this update, to find out exactly what we've added, read on below.

| What's new???

  • Island Team Chat
    • Team Chat is now more visible.
  • Island Biomes
    • All members are now able to change your islands biome.
  • Mob Coins
    • Mob Coins have been added to Vote Rewards.
    • You now get $2,000 instead of $1,000 per vote.
    • You now get 10 diamonds instead of 5 diamonds per vote.
  • New Mob Coins Purchases
    • Purchase $50,000 for 250 Mob Coins.
    • Purchase $100,000 for 350 Mob Coins.
    • Purchase $200,000 for 450 Mob Coins.
    • Purchase GOD tag for 350 Mob Coins.
    • Purchase Goddess tag for 350 Mob Coins.
    • Purchase *Winner* tag for 350 Mob Coins.
  • Ore Generators
    • Iron has been added to default ore generators.
  • XP Fly
    • Added XP Fly to all members.
  • Keep Inventory
    • You will now keep your inventory when falling off your island.
  • EXP Death Loss
    • All donator ranks will now keep EXP upon dying.
  • New Commands
    • /links - Displays all of our social links.
    • /ignore - No longer show other members chat messages (can not ignore staff members).
    • /seen - Find out when a player was last online.
    • /condense - Turn items into blocks (available to all donator ranks).
  • Safe Flight
    • You will now be put in fly mode upon login.
  • Sell Wand Cooldown
    • Decreased Sell Wand cooldown from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Withers
    • Lowered radius of wither spawn sound.
  • Mob Heads
    • Lowered chances of mob heads from 5% to 1%.
  • Hub Scoreboard
    • Updated Scoreboard to include the Event server.
  • Multiple Homes
    • Donator ranks can now use /sethome multiple times.
| Bug Fixes
  • Fixed scoreboard Vote Party counter being the incorrect color.
  • The word "mil" is no longer blocked from the filter.
  • You can now use /tpacancel
  • And many other minor bug fixes!

Thank you for reading this weekly update! Next week's update will be quite big, we're excited to share it to you.
- VulcanMC Team
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