Accepted BlissfulPvP toggling /god while in a fight.

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- Their IGN: BlissfulPvP
- Which rule was broken: Abusing their rank so that they didn't lose a fight
- Evidence: (Screenshot/Video Footage)

- Extra:
In case you don't know, /god is a command that prevents the user from taking any damage. BlissfulPvP was able to use the command because they had Youtuber rank. They used the command mid-fight so that they wouldn't die and lose their armor, and then accused the other player of hacks towards the end of the video.
Adam, thanks for the report. Godmode has been removed from YouTuber perms. I've spoken to BlissfulPVP and he says he was trying to get evidence on a suspected hacker. I've asked him to please leave this to staff in the future.
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