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Community Feedback System
At VulcanMC, we love to see the feedback the community gives to the new applicants, which is why we leave the applications open and public. As i have been seeing alot of feedback being given to applications in the old system, i have decided to introduce a more structured and informative community feedback system everyone can use during the seasons. This new system can be used by all staff and players to help applicants improve their chances, and help the head staff decide which ones to think heavily about. It is mainly designed to create more intimacy between players and staff, and to bridge the gap between the two, giving players a say in who they would like to be staff.

How the system will work: If you wish to give feedback to an applicant, this format will not be strictly regulated and we will still allow normal constructive replies, however if this format is used then it will count towards the applicants chances. Staff members will be allowed to score applications out of 10, and players out of 5.

Scoring: If you wish to give feedback to someone's application, you can begin by scoring them. For each application, if you are a player, you can rate it between 1 and 5. Five being the highest, and one being the lowest. If you believe the application is the greatest you have seen, is perfect in every area and you really want to see this player become staff, then you can score them a 5. If you think the application does not meet the requirements, and is not detailed, you can score it a 1. If the creator of the application changes it in response to your feedback, you can change your scoring to reflect the changes. Staff members will be allowed to score the applicants out of 10. The higher the overall score an application gets from the community, the more heavily the application will be contemplated, and the chances will be boosted.

Constructive criticism: Once you have given an applicant your rating, then you can give them constructive criticism on where you think they can improve. It is no good just rating an application a 1 if you do not tell them how they can improve it. For the criticism it is extremely helpful for the applicant if you can explain to them what they did did wrong in your opinion, and how they can improve it.

  • You are not allowed to create alts and reply to your application. This will negatively affect your chances
  • You must not pay friends and teammates with ingame items to reply to your application unfairly. This will also negatively affect your chances, and will most likely result in a denial.
  • When giving feedback, you must be totally unbiased and fair on the applicant.

If we cannot trust the community to follow these rules, community scoring will become staff exclusive, and players scoring will not be counted. We hope you enjoy the new feedback system, and use it postively to help applicants.
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