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Hello Vulcaneers,

My name is ChipsPlayz, and I propose a new gamemode to Vulcan's network. The gamemode would be SMP!

What is SMP you ask? SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer. But why SMP? Isn't it so so so basic? Yes! But that's the beauty of it. A simple gamemode that truly defines Minecraft that both PvPers and Builders can enjoy!

Even better, the Vulcan community has already seen this before! The events server hosted an smp event as a challenge that ended up doing way better than expected. The only problem was that there was no plot system plugin enabled on the events server. This caused many griefing issues and players disrespecting each other and complaining about how their hard work was ruined by another player.

If VulcanMC was to officially implement this as a gamemode, a plot system would need to be put in place. A single plot would be a 2 by 2 chunk area that could be claimed in any part of the world. Depending on one's rank, they would receive a certain amount of these plots and could also have the opportunity to coop and join other players plots, similar to skyblock. Below is a chart of the amounts of plots each rank would receive:

Member Rank: 2 Plots
Pluto Rank: 4 Plots
Mercury Rank: 5 Plots
Mars Rank: 7 Plots
Venus Rank: 10 Plots
Saturn Rank: 12 Plots
Note that these numbers could be changed at any time by the development team to bring what would seem fit for the rank.

There could also be parkour, duels, and organized Ender Dragon, Wither, or Custom Boss fights! A new gamemode comes a new style of pvp that could be changed to be very different than skyblock's way of combat. It could even be in another version if more features were wanted, like mending, more building blocks, etc...

Keep in mind that this suggestion is only the beginning of a very possible idea for Vulcan's community. Feel free to add on to this suggestion via comments, and tell me what you think! See ya around!



I think that this would be a great idea but...

This issue is they would have to buy another server to host the gamemode.

They would need more moderation spreaded out to this gamemode and skyblocks.

Although smp is really fun... for 10 minutes. I noticed this with my passed server where people had a blast for a day or two, then it would be really boring and wouldn't be fun anymore.

They would also need something to sell that could keep the server stable, or increasing in profits, with smp can be hard at times.

Although I would love to see this, I just dont see it working on Vulcan sadly.