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How To Fancy Up Your Signature (Ranks)


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Hey Vulcan! I'm gonna show you how to show off your rank in your signature, in a stylish way!
So you want to have a cool signature like mine, huh? Well, first you're going to have to read my super awesome guide!
2019-02-18 (4).png

First, you're going to need to go to the VulcanMC store, there is a shortcut in between the "Forums" and "Members" tabs. Next go to the "Global Ranks" section, like so. 2019-02-18 (5).png Then left click the rank you are, in my case, I'll be choosing the Neptune icon. After that press the "Open image in a new tab." 2019-02-18 (6).png
After you do that, highlight the URL with your cursor and press the Ctrl key and the C key at the same time. 2019-02-18 (10).png Then go back to the "Edit Signature" page and press the "insert image button" or press the Ctrl key and the P key at the same time. Press the Ctrl key and the V key at the same time to then put in the URL you copied. 2019-02-18 (7).png After you press the insert button... You're done! 2019-02-18 (8).png I hope this helped some people show off their cool rank in a stylish way on the forums. It's quick and simple!


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Flashy signatures aren't my thing--no cool logo for staff members anyway--but great and easy-to-understand guide! :D