NEW! Lunar Survival | Pre-release

Lunar Survival

Hello, members of VulcanMC!

Alongside our main server launch, we have prepared a pre-release beta survival gamemode for you!

The server will be open on the network until the day before the grand launch of the VulcanMC Network. It will serve as a way for you to stay involved with the server and its great community, as well as get a taste of the network, try it out and give us loads of feedback.

Lunar Survival will re-open a few days after the main server launch as a permanent gamemode on VulcanMC once again. It will also be resetting.

Please note this is not our main launch, we have talked about this in our revamp and ownership change thread, which we strongly advise you all to read, as it contains lots of cool updates and important information.

The map has reset since the last season and we have changed up some features of the server (more to come!). You can adventure far out on the map and explore while you make your home and build your kingdom with our claiming system. Other players can visit you and your mighty builds with the player warps which you can set and use.

The release date and time of the Lunar Survival pre-release beta has been decided on by you on our Discord polls channel.

The server is version 1.14.4 (1.8+ compatible).

We will keep you updated on the main release!

I hope all of you can attend this opening, I look forward to seeing you all!

Make sure to add the server IP:

Wednesday 9th - 3pm EST
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