NEW! Upcoming Summer Plans


The current Skyblock season is approaching the end and season 4 will begin soon. With that being said, we thought it was only fit to include a few other things, as it is currently summer. With that being said, I am pleased to inform you of the following information. We've conducted numerous polls within the community, as we want to make sure that everyone enjoys this summer update.

13TH @ 2:00 PM, EST

Read on to find out more information about Skyblock season 4.

We've decided to change some things for Season 4. Season 4 is hopefully going to be our most successful Skyblock ever on VulcanMC. We've decided to switch back to 1.8, as we noticed a major decrease in our player-base when we switched to 1.12.2! Each Skyblock season is a new start, hence the numerical increases that follow with each season. Below we've outlined what players will keep.

What will I keep?
  • Ranks
  • GKits
  • Fly
  • Island Expansions
  • Tags
  • Minions
This means that your islands, inventories, player vaults and purchased items (perks, bundle items, mcmmo) will once again, be reset!

13TH @ 2:00 PM, EST
Read on to find out more information about Prison season 1.

That's right, we are releasing Prison on VulcanMC! We've worked very, very hard on Prison and hope you all enjoy. Skyblock and Prison will be releasing at the same time, as we figured it would build the most hype. We will have numerous YouTubers recording and live-streaming both of these huge releases.

Weekly updates are coming back and better than ever! We will be working extremely hard to release frequent updates, as you guys deserve it! We want to do our best to keep things interesting. With that being said, we will certainly need ideas. If you or a friend have an idea on what we can add, feel free to tell a staff member! Also, we will be hosting events more frequently. Most of these will be hosted by myself, so be sure to lookout for announcements in our discord.

As I previously mentioned in my last announcement on the forums, we will be hiring more YouTubers to record and live-stream on VulcanMC. What does this mean? Hopefully, we will begin to increase our player-base. We have already hired multiple YouTubers to record and live-stream our summer update.

As summer has come and we are releasing our huge summer update, we thought it was only fitting that we release a summer-themed lobby to go with it! When will this be released? This lobby will officially go live the morning of July 13. Let's get hype! We're very proud of this newly themed lobby. Huge thanks to our administrative team for helping make this possible.

We can't wait to share this huge update with our community. See you on the 13th at 2:00 PM, EST! Thanks,
- The VulcanMC Team


Everything sounds absolutely amazing! I'm looking forward to all of it on Saturday. Thanks so much for everything!
Well done to every single one of you. You've all made this community great. It's one of the bests I've ever seen <3
I'm so happy to be a part of it with you guys! I can't wait to see what the future holds for VulcanMC! :)