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VulcanMC Helper application guide

Hey Vulcans, this thread is a guide in which i will explain the things we are looking for within your application and ingame activity, to decide if you are the perfect candidate to become a member of our staff team. I will go over the requirements we have put in place for all applicants, tips and tricks you should use within your application to make it stand out, and the duties and responsibilities you will undertake by joining our staff team.

Basic requirements from us:
  • Minimum age of 14.
  • Must have played the network for 2 weeks or more.
  • Must be active ingame and have a forums account.
  • Must understand and be able to use discord to a good level.
  • Not currently staff on any other server.
  • The ability to record, take screenshots, and upload them.
  • Must not have any punishments 1 month prior to applying.
  • Must have a mic in order to partake in staff meetings.
  • All applications must be around 500 words or more.
  • You can only apply once every month.

Once you have read and gone over our basic requirements, I will now go over some tips and tricks to use when making your application, and an explanation of the
helper role.

How to make a good application:
  • Answer all questions with honesty. Be truthful in your application so it doesn't backfire on you in the future.
  • Make sure all of your questions are answered with correct grammar and spelling. Bad punctuation is one of the first things we notice when reviewing applications, and can often sway our opinion greatly.
  • Answer in detail. The more information you put into an answer, the more we can tell how good of a candidate you are, therefore one sentence answers can greatly affect your chances of being accepted.
  • Do not plagiarize or pass off another person's application as your own. If this is done and you are found, you will be instantly denied and have a refusal to consider any future applications.
  • We love detail in applications, but be careful you do not go off topic, or waffle. This can make your application drag and be boring for the reader.

Post application:

How to improve your chance post application:
  • Don't get any punishments. While we are reviewing you, if you receive any punishment for breaking the rules, your application will most probably be denied.
  • Notify us if you will be inactive due to vacation, so you avoid you getting denied for inactivity. You can simply do this by leaving a reply underneath your application stating you will be going away for a period, and how long it will be.
  • Help and welcome other players. If we see you being a helpful and friendly player in our community during your application process, this will greatly improve your chances of being accepted as you are already showing traits of a Helper. However, be careful you dont mini-mod by dealing with issues that should be resolved by actual staff members, as this will negatively impact your application.
  • Do not ask another staff member about your application, this will result in an automatic denial. Also, if your application is denied please do not argue against the staffs decision. This will lead to a denial of all future application attempts.

Role and responsibilities:

The Helper role:
The Helper rank entails a role in which you will spending some time being assessed by senior staff to see your capabilities as a staff member. You are required to moderate and offer support through the ingame chat while online on the server, be active on the forums, making sure everything is in the right place and people problems are being resolved efficiently and professionally, and active on our discord where you will be required to moderate the channels.

You will be enforcing the rules of our server with the utmost professionalism, we want a staff team as clean and capable as possible, ready to serve our community with every problem they come across. Being a member of something much bigger than you, a team, comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have yourself to let down, you have a whole team you are working alongside. Being a staff member is a huge and vital role of every server, which comes with masses of responsibility that is unseen from the outside. We expect all roles within our staff team to work with the same morales, and work in unison to provide a flawless experience for all our players when on VulcanMC.

Thank you for reading! And good luck.
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