Important VulcanMC Revamp


VulcanMC Network Revamp & New Skyblock Season

VulcanMC is getting a network-wide revamp!

VulcanMC has recently changed its ownership team, and we have decided that new content will be coming to the server. We plan to release Stellar Skyblock (more announcements coming soon) as our grand opening. There is no date for launching yet, but we will keep you updated. Lunar Survival is going to be our pre-release gamemode (as talked about in the previous announcement which should be read), this is launching tonight at 3pm EST! A few days after the grand launch, Lunar Survival will be resetting and on the network as a permanent gamemode. We also have plans to release prison at some point in he future.

New content, changes and improvements are going to be regular and announced on this website and our Discord.

Weekly events are going to be occuring on all gamemodes (or network-wide events) and you can win exciting prizes which we will keep you updated on.

The staff team is mostly staying the same, apart from some new additions to it. I will be leading and developing the server's content and updates. The new network owner is Flavorine, who is amazing at his job and will make VulcanMC even better!

For further updates, make sure you join our Discord (, share it and add us to your server list if you haven't already:

I look forward to the future of the network!